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Higher-Land Oc​cupational Therapy, PLLC

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Please fill out the health history form and have your doctor sign and fill out the prescription form prior to first visit.

Treatment: what to expect

Your first visit will be an assessment. Regardless of where your pain is, I will perform a visual and hands on assessment of your whole body. The assessment will take about an hour. You may either come in gym shorts and a tank top, or bring them to change.

If you are going to change, please arrive early, so as not to lose any assessment time changing. If you are comfortable in a sports bra and shorts, that will make my assessment easier. Men, please wear soft gym shorts. I cannot work around denim or "dress" shorts. No matter how conservative you are outside my office, always remember that your clothes are NOT in pain, your body is. I will always need to be able to access your skin in most parts of your body. The room is private and a cover sheet is available upon request.

     Treatments may be half-hour or hour, your choice. Regardless of your actual area of pain, I will treat the entire body, where I see asymmetry, torsion, restrictions and/or redness, and where I feel heat or cold. Your shoulder may be what hurts, but it is not a shoulder hanging out in space all alone. It is attached to a whole body, and a whole person. The imbalance causing you shoulder problems may be in your hips. That is how the fascial system works. It is continuous throughout the body, and tightness or restrictions in one area can cause pain in other areas.

    My treatment is slow and gentle in nature. The fascial system cannot be forced. I apply slow, gentle pressure in an area of restriction until I feel the system soften and move, then I follow the movement. Each hold will be approximately 5 minutes, sometimes more. You may feel that I am not doing anything at first. Be patient with this process. Your system cannot be forced, but you will know when things start moving. Your body is likely used to being forced and hurt. You will have subconscious holding patterns in your fascial system that are designed to protect it against further damage. The low load of pressure that I apply, along with time and patience, will cause a piezo-electric effect, which heats up the area and encourages the fascial system to soften and let go.

    Treatment may trigger emotions. Sadness, fear, anger, sorrow are all emotions that will get "stuck" in the fascial restrictions of the body. When I release these restrictions, memories may come up, or emotions with no memory. This is typical and possibly even to be expected, especially if the pain you are in is attached to trauma. What you do with these emotions or memories when they arise is your choice. You will always be in control of the situation in a myofascial release treatment session.

     YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION IN A MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TREATMENT SESSION. You are ultimately responsible for your healing, and your body is innately wise. It knows what it needs. There will be times when things get uncomfortable, when it hurts some, and I may ask you to remain in the pain for a while longer. But ultimately you are in charge. You can stop any part of treatment at any time, or ask me to soften up a bit. There is therapeutic pain and damaging pain. Your body knows the difference. I will always honor your body's wisdom and your needs.

    Healing is a messy process. It can seem like a dance with steps forward, backward, sideways, and maybe a few flips along the way... You may be tired after treatments. You may be grumpy. Your symptoms may flare up. Getting off the table is often uncomfortable. You may have no response at all. Any or all of these is typical. You may have a response that gives me something new to write about...You will have my number and you are always welcome to call me and ask if you have concerns.