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Higher-Land Oc​cupational Therapy, PLLC

Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine

is based on the belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine is an integrated health clinic, with Chiropractic care, medicine and medical support, and occupational therapy. Higher-land OT is contracted to Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine. Here, you can meet the staff and get a better understanding of what we each do.


      Dr. Korey Kothmann provides chiropractic care at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine. MFR and chiropractic are coactive services, each beneficial on its own, but exponentially enhancing the others' benefits. It is easy to understand the relationship between the two and how they enhance the overall function of the body.

     Consider a tent analogy. Think old fashioned, snoopy-cartoon tent, or even the GP medium type Army tent. The tent has the canvas. the space under the canvas is held by poles ( a total of 12 in a GP medium, if I remember correctly). The poles are held erect by a series of ropes. If poles are crooked, the tent will fail. If the ropes, ANY OF THEM, is too tight or too loose, all the tent will lean toward or away from, respectively, that rope. this will cause the poles to be crooked and then the weight of the canvas will collapse the tent. (ask me how I know, itsa good story). In the human body, the bones act as poles, opening and holding space for all the other stuff. The fascia acts like the ropes, adding proper tension into the system so that the poles (bones) stay in their proper position. If the fascia becomes too tight as a result of trauma, chronic overuse, or poor posture, then it can pull the bones out of alignment, and place undue force on joints, muscles, nerves and organs. This, in turn, creates...PAIN!...which is way worse than a tent collapsing in a storm (unless the pole falls on you, but I digress).

     Now back to the Chiro and the JFBMFR therapist. Dr Kothmann's job (and he is good at it) is to put the poles back where they belong. My job is to align the ropes, so the poles stay where Dr. Kothmann put them. then everything inside the tent (your muscles, joints, nerves, vessels and organs) have the proper space held to function optimally and pain free.

     First time I heard the tent analogy was in my first seminar with John Barnes, PT. It made me laugh to remember being inside that falling tent...and knowing the problem was the ropes! so of course I never forgot the analogy!

For more about Dr. Korey Kothmann and all the services he provides, visit his website,


     On staff is a medical provider who is a nurse practitioner at LAPM. Services she provides include joint injections for pain relief, trigger point injections, and collaborating with Dr. Kothman to design individualized care plans for patients. For more information regarding what the Nurse practitioner does, see