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healing crisis

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 12:50 PM
 I just wrote regarding "healing crisis" on the FAQ page. I think that it is a good idea to describe what a healing crisis might look like by describing my own.  My healing crisis seems to always come in two forms: migraine headache and re-visiting memories hard. Right now there are no other practicing MFR therapists in Lubbock that I can find. I am looking for one, though so....anyway, all my healing crises are attached to the seminars I attend, where I spend about 2 hours a day on another student's table. Headaches are the big pain for me. I know that they are connected to the shifting and healing in my body and associated healing crisis, therefore I try to not medicate and ride it out. Honestly, I usually can only make it to the third day, when I must choose between the seminar and the ER, and then I take medication to keep myself at the seminar. With these migraines always come some memory that I have to "work through". I put quotes around this because I want to highlight the fact that "working through" will look completely different for each person for each crisis. It cannot be described, and I cannot warn you what to expect, only to expect something. Every time I go through this, I experience exponential spiritual growth (or what seems to me to be could be snail's pace to anyone else..) and understanding with it. I experience forgiveness of self and others, clarity of thought, direction and intention, and renewed hope. This is my experience, I cannot speak for others. I will say that among the community of MFR therapists, I hear stories of similar periods of spiritual growth associated with their healing.
     Along with the headaches and memories, I will often have some soreness that feels like achy flu muscles or like I ran too far. I get very tired, and also very restless. sometimes I cannot sleep, but most often I sleep very deeply and have odd dreams. The first time, it was a bit dis-combobulating, even though I was told to expect such. However, no one can tell anyone else what to expect, and such was the case with me. Every time I work my way through, I am better for it. Now, I actually invite the crisis, knowing it is but one more valley, just a road trip to my Oceanside destination. Two things John Barnes always says, "healing is a journey, not an event", and "healing is messy ". I am worth it. Healing is worth it. So onward I go!!

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I can relate to pain being part of healing. And I salute you for refraining medication as much as possible. There is the physical aspect of healing and there is also the spiritual. The process of undergoing the physical pain and learning how best to deal with it is also healing our spirit. Our spirit suffers a blow from the misery and the declining self-confidence brought about by severe physical pain. As we recover or overcome the pain, the spirit is also slowly being put back together.
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